Welome to Lets Relax

Lets Relax provides the balance between body, mind and soul.
Our aim is to restore this wholeness and allow you to re-energize, to enjoy the challenges and pleasures of each day.

Lets Relax was established in 2010 in Preston. Our treatments are based on traditional Thai massage and deep tissue massage which help to relieve your aches and pain and rejuvenate your body. Additionally, we take care of your individual condition with our qualified female massage therapists on staff. You can truly relax.


Traditional Thai Massage

(Without oil)

This ancient form of massage targets pressure points and involves muscle stretching techniques performed on a flat futon.

30 mins. $55 | 45 mins. $70 | 60 mins. $85 | 90 mins. $125 | 120 mins. $165

Deep Tissue Oil Massage

We use the traditional Thai massage techniques along with using oil to make our customers feel relaxed and soothed at the same time.
 This strong, deep massage is designed to ease sore muscles and joints, while alleviating both physical and mental fatigue.

30 mins. $55 | 45 mins. $70 | 60 mins. $85 | 90 mins. $125 | 120 mins. $165

Let’s Relax Oil Massage / Combination Thai and Oil Massage

This relaxation massage makes you feel completely and totally relaxed with oil.
The aromatherapy oil can be selected with additional price.

30 mins. $55 | 45 mins. $70 | 60 mins. $85 | 90 mins. $125 | 120 mins. $165

Let’s Relax Foot Massage

The therapeutic massage of particular areas of the soles the feet, and to a lesser extent the lower legs.
The aim is to stimulate reflex points of lines to correspond to other parts of the body.

30 mins. $55 | 45 mins. $70 | 60 mins. $85

Let’s Relax Body Scrub

Soften and smooth your entire body by letting us gently scrub your body with sea salt to rid you of dead skin cells,
followed by a relaxing oil massage or moisturizing cream massage.

90 mins $155. (Only available at Preston branch)



110 High Street

(03) 9484 3737

Operating Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sun: 11.30am - 7pm
Public Holidays: 11.30am - 9pm